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Expert Bus Towing Service in Fresno, CA

Has your bus stopped running as it should? Does its engine refuse to even start?

You need to have it checked, and possibly repaired, by an expert. But transporting an undriveable bus, even a smaller model, isn’t easy. You need a heavy-duty tow truck and an experienced driver to make sure that your bus gets to its destination safely.

Citywide Towing offers a fast, professional bus towing service in Fresno, suitable for all types of buses. Our towing technicians have completed comprehensive training in transporting large vehicles, and they only use trucks designed to handle heavy-duty loads. We can send one of our towing specialists to collect your bus, wherever it is, right now.

Fast Bus Towing Services from a Trusted Local Team

Driving a bus and running a bus company can both be stressful at times. Whether you’re dealing with hundreds of passengers and heavy traffic or you’re trying to make sure dozens of buses run on time every day, you have a lot to handle. Drivers and companies depend on their buses to run smoothly to provide the service customers expect.

Unfortunately, even the best buses can be affected by technical problems from time to time. Minor and major issues both have the power to take buses off the road, from a motor fault to a collision with another vehicle. Investigations, new parts, and repairs can all keep your bus out of action for a while.

But the sooner your bus is towed and checked, the sooner you can work towards taking it back out on the road.

Citywide Towing’s technicians have spent years towing vehicles, including different types of buses, throughout Fresno (and beyond) for customers. Their combined experience of towing buses in Fresno means they’ll find you fast, and your bus will be on its way in no time.

24 Hour Towing in Fresno at Amazing Rates

Not only does Citywide Towing offer fast bus towing, we’re on hand 24 hours a day to help you too.

Our Fresno office is always open to take your call and set up your towing service, even on weekends and holidays. One of our friendly phone operators will find a technician near your location and send them to collect your bus.

As all of our tow truck drivers are committed to providing the best local bus towing, they’ll work efficiently to collect your vehicle and transport it to any location as soon as possible.

Our 24/7 bus towing is available for an outstanding price too. We strive to bring our customers the most affordable towing and roadside assistance solutions in Fresno, and cater to different budgets. Citywide Towing offers free quotes on all of our services: just contact our team and we’ll let you know how much our bus towing will cost you.

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Citywide Towing is a reputable company serving Fresno customers with professional towing solutions at terrific prices. Call now for your free quote!

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