24/7 Towing in Fresno, CA

Fast & Affordable Dolly Towing in Fresno, CA

Dolly towing is a common technique for transporting light front-wheel-drive vehicles across short distances. If your family car breaks down, for example, and you have no way to get it running again by yourself, our dolly towing service is ideal. One of our trained technicians will connect your car to their towing truck with a secure dolly setup, then take it directly to any destination you choose.

Citywide Towing’s technicians can tow a wide range of lightweight vehicles with a high-end towing dolly, accommodating various car makes and models.

Professional Dolly Towing at a Competitive Price

One of the most important factors to consider when you call a local towing service is pricing. We all know that keeping a car on the road is expensive, and any unexpected incidents (like breakdowns or accidents) can only add to that. If you’re already feeling stressed, the prospect of paying for a dolly towing service may make matters a little worse.

But we want to make a tough situation as easy and hassle-free as we can. To do that, we’re proud to provide an expert dolly towing service for a highly competitive price.

Citywide Towing maintains low rates for all of our services, not just on dolly towing, and we’re happy to offer a free quote when you call our office.

Here to Help You Now with 24/7 Dolly Towing in Fresno

Have you ever tried to contact a local towing company outside standard business hours, only to find that nobody answers the phone and their office is closed for the night? Or even for a whole weekend?

That’s not an issue you need to worry about when you choose Citywide Towing. We operate 24/7 to provide you with a reliable dolly towing service at all hours, every day of the year.

Our 24-hour dolly towing is the solution you can rely on if you need a car to be towed urgently. Citywide Towing is on hand to tow vehicles from the scene of road accidents, from private property (if parked without authorization), and from outside any local home or business.

Licensed Dolly Towing Experts in Fresno

Our regular customers know they can trust Citywide Towing for safe dolly towing in Fresno. We’re a licensed, certified towing company with a team of skilled technicians and heavy-duty tow trucks suitable for transporting a huge variety of vehicles.

We invest in the best towing dollies on the market to keep your car secure while it’s on the road, and our technicians’ experience of driving in Fresno makes it easy for them to choose the most efficient way to your location.

As each of our technicians is trustworthy and friendly, you can expect only the best dolly towing service when you call Citywide Towing.

Call Citywide Towing for a Free Quote Now

Citywide Towing is available now to discuss our dolly towing, whether you need our help immediately or you want to plan it for another day.

We’ll give you a competitive quote and any other details you need to know about our services, so call our Fresno towing specialists now.

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