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If you own one or more exotic cars (sometimes referred to as “supercars”), you may prefer to keep them stored safely in your garage than take them out on the road. But not all collectors keep their exotic cars as display pieces.

Driving an exotic car enables the owner to enjoy the vehicle’s performance as well as its design, and attract admiring glances from passersby. But exotic cars may be affected by mechanical problems (such as engine faults) or sustain damage just like any other vehicle.

If your exotic car breaks down or collides with another vehicle, you’ll need a professional towing company to transport it to a specialist for repairs or a new part.

Citywide Towing offers fast exotic car towing in Fresno. Our technicians have years of experience of towing diverse vehicles, including high-value cars, and are dedicated to outstanding service.

Exotic Car Towing in Fresno for Rare and High-End Vehicles

At Citywide Towing, our technicians are carefully vetted and highly trained to ensure that you receive the best customer experience. They have worked in the Fresno area for many years, and have an outstanding range of knowledge on navigating its roads while towing various vehicles.

We offer competitively priced towing services for all types of exotic cars, from older models that have become exceptionally rare to cutting-edge vehicles designed for unparalleled speed and performance.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe and Secure with Expert Exotic Car Towing

Exotic cars can be extremely expensive, and if they’re rare, their value is only likely to increase over the years. That may make it difficult to trust a stranger (even a trained towing professional) with your exotic car when it needs to be transported.

Our technicians understand that, and take your concern for your car seriously. They drive heavy-duty tow trucks capable of transporting all types of exotic cars (and many other kinds of vehicles), and their hands-on experience ensures that they know how to keep your car safe on the road.

Exotic car towing isn’t only necessary after a collision or breakdown: it’s also ideal if you plan to sell your vehicle or move it to a new location without driving it. If that’s the case, you can rest assured that your exotic car will reach its destination securely with Citywide Towing.

A 24/7 Towing Solution for Your Prized Exotic Car

Citywide Towing is available 24 hours a day to help you with exotic car towing in Fresno. We offer complete round-the-clock service for all situations, from emergencies when every second counts to non-urgent cases.

One of our towing technicians will get to you quickly at any time, on any day — it’s the convenient exotic car towing solution you need.

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At Citywide Towing, we offer affordable towing services in Fresno suitable for all brands and models considered “exotic”. You can contact our team 24/7 for a quote and all the details you need to know.

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