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Are you worried that one day you might get stuck in the middle of the road because your car suddenly malfunctions? Or are you planning to move out of town and you don’t want to drive your vehicle across cities? Or have you experienced running out of gas while driving and there are no gas stations nearby?

It might be frustrating to deal with these kinds of situations, but there is always a solution to a problem. In the event that you have to move your vehicle from one place to another without having to drive it, hiring a professional car-towing team is the smartest thing to do. However, trusting your vehicles to a large truck might be difficult for you since the road is full of debris, barricades, and fast-moving cars that may cause scratches or any unwanted damages to your car.

That’s why we are here to introduce the Flatbed Towing service. This type of service is what most people commonly ask for because it uses a truck with a flat surface at the back where the car can be safely carried. Here in California, the Citywide Towing Fresno is the company to call for a reliable and quick car towing. To know more about Flatbed Towing, continue reading this article and be enlightened with the benefits it offers.

Flatbed Tow Truck

What is a Flatbed Tow Truck?

A flatbed tow truck or flatbed trailer is a lot different from ordinary tow trucks that usually use metal hooks to elevate and carry a car. This type of truck has a spacious flatbed/surface which can turn into a ramp by tilting it to the ground so that the car can easily slide through the top of the truck. As the vehicle is properly positioned on the top, a winch is used to secure the vehicle. The ram should also return to its previous position and must be well-locked to avoid accidental sliding of the car.

There are different types of Flatbed Trailers as well and each type has various dimensions. It depends on the weight and capacity of the cargo to determine which type of flatbed trailers should be used. The different types of flatbed trucks are:

  1. Single Drop Trailers or Stepdeck
  2. Standard Flatbed
  3. Double Drop Trailers
  4. Double Drop + Detachable Deck or Lowboy
  5. Stretch flatbeds, single-drop, and double-drop trailers.

Benefits of Getting Flatbed Towing Services

There have to be several reasons why Flatbed Towing is popular in Towing Services.

  1. Safer transportation of your cargo/vehicle – the flatbed truck has the ability to carry the cargo on its back where all parts are elevated and have a surface to step into. In this way, the vehicle being transported has a lesser chance of getting scratches or having flat tires.
  2. Less Spatial Constrictions – the flatbed truck doesn’t have walls like the four-walled truck. Thus, it allows any shape of cargo to hang over the edges with restrictions so it won’t easily fall.
  3. Durable Strap for the Cargo – as mentioned, the flatbed trailer has straps connected to secure the vehicle/package it’s carrying. In this way, there are no limits with the shape it carries plus it will securely deliver the items.
  4. Takes less time – loading vehicles in a flatbed truck is easy because it comes with a ramp where the car can slide through.
  5. It doesn’t cause too much traffic – the flatbed truck doesn’t take too much space in the road even if it’s already carrying a vehicle. Compared with the dolly truck, the flatbed trailer can easily maneuver on the road and go with the flow of traffic.

Flatbed Truck Vehicle Capacity

The flatbed truck is known for its versatility because it can carry not only vehicles but any shape or type of large packages. The capacity or weight limit of flatbed trucks depends on what the state permits. But with our services, we assure that any vehicle less than 48,000 pounds can be carried by our flatbed trucks.

For more details, here are the dimensions of a flatbed truck:

Freight weight: 48,000 pounds

Width: 8 feet 6 inches

Height: 8 feet 6 inches

Total Height Limit with Cargo: 13 feet 6 inches

In terms of how long the flatbed surface is, there are two varieties: the 48-foot and 53-foot flatbeds.

When do I need a Flatbed Towing?

Flatbed towing is highly essential if you are stuck in the middle of the road and you can barely drive your car. You need to seek professional help to resolve the problem right away and eliminate the chances of causing slow traffic or accidents. But aside from towing vehicles, flatbed trucks can also transport heavy equipment such as building materials. It is a perfect job for flatbed trailers since they do not have limitations with the space and have strong locks and straps to secure the cargoes. Flatbeds can carry log materials, farm equipment, and even military equipment. This truck can ship any indefinite shape, oversized, and heavy equipment.

Citywide Towing Fresno specializes in Flatbed Towing. Our flatbed trucks offer services not only for emergencies, but for movers as well. If you think you are in need of a flatbed towing service, call us anytime and we will assist you right away! On a side note, here are the few services we offer through our Flatbed Trucks.

  • Towing Vehicles
  • Transporting Heavy Equipment
  • Shipping Construction Materials
  • Transporting Tires and other car equipment
  • Moving Building Materials

The Most Reliable Flatbed Towing Services in Fresno, California

The Citywide Fresno Towing offers the most reliable Flatbed Towing Services in Fresno, California.

You can trust our team to transport your valuables to the specific destination you have instructed with no delays and damages. We assure you that we have skillful, licensed, and professional drivers who will take good care of your vehicle/cargo. Plus, our towing company is insured and you can fully depend on us with your towing needs.

Moreover, our flatbed trucks consist of covers for the equipment they carry to prevent damages from direct heat or accidental scratches from road debris. We also have strong and durable straps with locks to secure your valuables. And the flatbed itself has rubber material to avoid the car or equipment from suddenly sliding away.

Our phone line is fast-to-respond for any emergency calls. We are available 24/7 and our staff is professional and calm enough to assist your needs. With Citywide Towing Fresno, you can get fast, updated, and protected towing services. We also offer tracking devices so you can monitor the tow truck’s whereabouts.

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