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Safe RV Towing Services in Fresno, CA

If your RV has broken down, been damaged in a collision, or simply won’t start as usual, you need a safe towing service to take it to an auto repair shop equipped to work on such large vehicles.

Leaving your RV in the hands of a towing pro is a simple, reliable solution. You can focus on the rest of your day, whatever that involves, while a trained expert takes your RV to its destination on your behalf.

Citywide Towing Fresno provides high-quality RV towing services in Fresno, suitable for all types of RVs, covering all manufacturers and models. We invest in high-end tow trucks and comprehensive training for our team to provide RV towing you can depend on.

Fresno RV Towing Services Available 24 Hours a Day

Even the best RVs may be affected by technical faults and problems from time to time. These may only be minor issues that can be fixed by the right person with the right tools, but they can still disrupt your plans if they bring your RV to a dead stop.

And, crucially, these issues can occur at any time. Even if you’re not driving your RV at that moment, something could cause the engine to stop functioning as it should when you next start it. As a result, you may find yourself unable to drive your RV to an expert for repairs or a new part yourself.

No matter when that happens, no matter how early or late it is, you can always rely on Citywide Towing Fresno for RV towing services.

We operate round the clock with full 24/7 service to bring our customers the most convenient, trustworthy solutions in the area. If you need to have your RV towed anywhere, either in Fresno or to a non-local address, Citywide Towing Fresno is here 24/7.

A Dedicated RV Towing Solution with Quick Responses for Your Convenience

Citywide Towing Fresno values your time as much as you do. We take your satisfaction seriously, and know that a long wait for a tow truck to arrive can be annoying (to say the least).

But you’ll always receive fast RV towing services when you contact Citywide Towing Fresno in an emergency. We’ll find the nearest technician with a heavy-duty tow truck capable of towing your RV, and we’ll send them directly to the location you provide. When they arrive, our technician will be friendly, courteous, and efficient.

We’re able to provide prompt RV towing services because our technicians have so many combined years of experience working within Fresno. They’re familiar with the local roads, traffic patterns, and other important factors that affect travel times. When we supply them with the next address for a towing call, they can plot the most efficient way to get there based on their expertise of Fresno’s roads.

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